Cool and Quick Firefox Bookmark Feature

Firefox has a very powerful bookmark feature. By simply giving the bookmark a keyword, you can reference it in the address bar, instead of searching through your list or typing the URL. You can extend this functionality and have it take a variable. Let me tell you through a few examples.
  1. First bookmark a site, say this one:
  2. Now open up the Bookmark Manager (or find the bookmark in your list) and open the Properties field.
  3. Add a keyword and save it (OK).
  4. Go to the Address bar, type in the keyword and hit enter.
  5. You should now be directed to this site.
Let's try another example. Suppose you want to see all the blog posts specific to one label (i.e. Firefox or security).
  1. The URL to view all the Firefox blogs is: Create a bookmark with this URL.
  2. Go back to the Properties and add your keyword as before.
  3. Remove Firefox from the end (this was the label), and replace it with %s.
  4. Save it (OK).
  5. Go to the Address bar, enter the keyword, followed by a space, and the label of choice. If my keyword was skim and the label I want to see is security, then I would type skim security in the address bar and I would be taken to
Let's do one more of these.
  1. Open the Bookmark Manager and click New Bookmark.
  2. Give it a Name, say Dot-Com. Enter a Keyword, perhaps dcom.
  3. In the Location field enter: and save.
  4. Go to the Address bar and type dcom mozilla and you will be taken to Try it again, enter dcom lifehacker and you will end up at

That's all there is to it. Use the Keyword field to quickly recall a bookmark in the Address bar. Add %s to create a variable that you can add after your keyword (and a space) in the Address bar.


Anonymous said…
Great news.It's hard to imagine that firefox has become even better!
Now it's an ultimate browser, I guess.

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