Setting Classic Windows Explorer on XP

Seems like every time I work on a new XP system, I have to re-figure how to get the folder settings the way I like it - the way it worked in prior versions of Windows. So for the benefit of others, here is how you do it.
  1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)

  2. Choose the View menu (alt + V)

  3. Select Details from the menu (alt + D): This may already be set -- it will make sure that the Detail option will be the default display option

  4. Choose the Tools menu (alt + T)

  5. Select Folder Options from the menu (alt + O)

  6. Make sure you are on the General tab, and click the Use Windows classic folders radio button within the Tasks area (should be the second radio button on the tab)

  7. Select the View tab

  8. Check the following boxes in the Advanced settings area:

    • Display file size information in folder tips

    • Display the contents of system folders

    • Display the full path in the address bar

    • Show hidden files and folder

  9. Uncheck the following boxes in the same Advanced settings area:

    • Hide extensions for known file types

    • Use simple file sharing: This enables the Security tab when you view the properties fo a folder

  10. Click Apply to All Folders (above the Advanced settings area)

  11. Click OK

  12. Check it out -- close your Windows Explorer windows and re-open one (Windows key + E)


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