Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

I had so much fun assembling the Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts, and they proved to be so popular, that I put together another one just for Firefox. In addition to the shortcuts, I included additional reference information for configuring Firefox.

Download the Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts tri-fold. Just as with the latest version of the Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts, do not forget to print double-sided on a single sheet of paper. Also be sure to validate the driver is set to print in landscape.


Anonymous said…
excellent pdf
Anonymous said…
It seems Ctrl+M for new mail has (unfortunately?) been dropped from Firefox 2.0, as have all mail options (there used to be some mail controls in the Tools menu, if I remember correctly).
Chris Todd said…
I think you are right Ralph... Fortunately you can still use the Send Link... in the files menu to easily email the URL of the page you are on.
kamarul said…
great pdf...I also have my own list..check out my keyboard shortcuts..
Unknown said…
Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for!

D.B. said…

I've came accross your booklet about Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts thanks to Korben's Blog (

I found it very useful, so I've made a French Translation of this booklet.
I've added some new tips and shortcuts for Firefox 2.0.

Unfortunatly, I can't find out any mail on your blog in order to send it to you.

Thanks a lot for the original version,
Joseph Antony said…

Thats a nice collection. Thx for the list. Here's my byte to add. In the address bar, you can use "shift+ctrl+enter" to auto-complete the web address to .org

Joseph Antony said…

Nice list. Here's my bit to the document. In the address bar, you can press "shift+ctrl+enter" to auto complete the URL to .org.

Jabber said…
If your motivated another good site for keyboard shortcuts is!
Quite a few potential PDFs there..
Juan Pablo said…
Hi I need to know if I can translate your cheatsheet into spanish.

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