Manage Services, Gain Performance

Have you ever wondered why you need many of the Services running in your Windows XP environment? Or perhaps you want to know if you can disable any to gain some extra performance. I have scoured the web, viewing article from Microsoft and The Elder Geek; I have also used my own reference materials and notes that I have collected over the years; and have produced a description and recommendation for each of the Services in XP. If you consider yourself an average user, stick with the Standard recommendations. But if you are a Power User or Gamer, there are recommendations for you too.

Undoubtably you will find a service that is not listed, if so, try searching Google. And I am sure you will have a difference on some setting or another... well that is okay too. For the Power User, this should give you enough information to make your own decision.



Anonymous said…
Nice list. Added to
MajorXP said…
This looks strangely identical to darkviper's content.
Chris Todd said…
Looks like there is a lot of similarity. I like that you can drill-down on topics within what BlackViper's information. For others interested in an additional source, here's the link to the specific content that MajorXP was referring to:

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