Lithium-Ion Batteries and More Sony Recall News

The November issue of Wired has a great article on "Building a Better Battery". John Hockenberry begins with a story of a battery that catches fire, and then takes us to the first battery built in the 1800s. Hockenberry quickly takes us through the history to the point of talking about lithium-ion.
Today, most Li-ion cells contain at least two – and sometimes three – separate countermeasures to keep the reaction from getting out of control.
Finally, we hear a bit about Sony before Hockenberry concludes with the current research in battery technology.

CNet reported on October 23rd that Sony has even more battery recalls.
Batteries that shipped with laptops sold by Fujitsu, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba comprise this recall... ...worldwide tally... ...more than 3 million...
This extends the list to Dell, Lenovo/IBM, Apple, Sharp, Fujitsu, Gateway, Sony, and Toshiba.


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