Oracle works with Marvel to have an Iron Man promotion

Oracle Presents Two Worlds is a Flash-based comic trilogy using Iron Man and Marvel Entertainment to show you the features and functions of using an all Oracle solution to run your business. Due to the high-cost, complex systems of Oracle, I'm not sure how well the promotion fit the market, but it is quite entertaining.

As companions to the comic, Oracle has posted articles on how Marvel has benefited from their all Oracle solution. Read Support for Superheroes and Avengers, Assemble! to get all the details. Or, just watch the comic trilogy and enjoy.


Jim Collison said…
This was all predicted long ago by Edward R, when he said,

I would like to advise the Oracle keynote speakers (all the speakers, actually) to add some humor to their presentations. Don’t be so dry: people are more receptive to information when they’re having fun, smiling, and not falling asleep. I haven’t the audience laugh in at least an hour, and that’s not good. By the end of the keynote, half the room had left. Not a good sign, so make it more interesting, for your sake and ours. Maybe all of the top people from Oracle could get together and write a wacky musical about the software industry?

He was waxing from OpenWorld last year. Nice job Edward R! Got any lottery picks?

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