Favorite websites, new to me

The Internet is flooded with websites, more bad than good. Just the shear number of sites, even if they were all good, makes it difficult to find those sites that are relevant to you right now. With that in mind, I thought I would share some websites that I recently found, that I believe fall into the "good" category.
  1. The Best Article Every Day
    Day-to-day the articles on this site do not typically go together, which is the power of this site. It exposes you to new things all the time. Take for example the article from October 16, 2008 -- it's about 28 different free file storage websites. The article on the 15th of October has 78 ways small businesses can save money. Quite diverse, both offer value.
  2. NirSoft
    NirSoft has countless software utilities from password tools, to network tools, to browser tools. Definately a site for geeks.
  3. How to Clean Stuff
    Maybe your microwave smells like burnt popcorn. How to Clean Stuff has a way to clean up that smell. Maybe your son came home from school with gum in his hair. How to Clean Stuff has an answer for that too. Categories include tech gear, your house, carpets, clothes, and more. Check it out.
  4. Earth Album
    Earth Album is a Google Maps and Flickr mashup. Select your favorite part of the world or a place you want to checkout, and see photos taken from there. It's easy to spend lots of time here exploring new places.
  5. Tag Galaxy
    Another Flickr mashup, this time with Papervision 3D, Tag Galaxy is a fun way to explore Flickr photos based on their tags. Start with a tag of your own or pick a favorite one. The result will show you popular additional tags on photos that have your first tag. For example, start with "mountains". Photos with "mountains" also have these tags: snow, nature, trees, and water, to name a few. Click on one of those, and start viewing photos.
Thre you have it, just 5 of the many "good" Internet sites. Enjoy!


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