Tab preview and switcher for Firefox

In March I wrote about programs that can improve your alt-tab behavior in Windows. In this 300th blog post, I'm going to share with you a Firefox add-on that works similarly for tabs. With the Ctrl-Tab add-on, press the Control and Tab keys, and you get a preview window of current and other tabs. Continue to press to scroll through and select the tab of your choice.

By default, Ctrl-Tab will order the previews based on last viewed. Use it with the Shift key (Ctrl-Shift-Tab) to move in reverse direction. With a small modification, you can configure it to scroll through in order of the tabs.

Here's how you change the tab order:
  • Open a new tab
  • Enter about:config
  • Search for browser.ctrlTab.mostRecentlyUsed
  • Change the setting from True to False (double-click on True)
  • Restart your browser
Just one more usability improvement to making web browsing a little easier.


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