Firefox drop zones for keyboard-less surfing

As read on Webware, using the Drag & DropZones Firefox Add-on you can now surf the web without using the keyboard. Zones are areas in the visible browser window that are assigned various tasks. To use, select a word or phrase and drag and drop into a zone. The process of dragging applies a set of semi-transparent colored boxes with labels, illustrating where the zones exist.

Drag & DropZones can be used immediately upon installation, as it will auto-assign drop zones on your browser window to your pre-defined search engines that are defined in your Search Engine Manager. Using the configuration manager, you can move the search engine zones around, delete them, and add new functionality. I think the most valuable time saving feature is for users that actually use more than one of the search engines in your search engine manager.

Other functions include:
  • Add to dictionary
  • Back
  • Bookmark
  • Copy
  • Open in a new tab
  • Paste
  • Reload
  • Save
  • View page source
As you can see, except for the search engine zones, most the rest is just duplication of the right-mouse click functions. Watch the demo if you are interested in seeing more.


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