Write, fold, mail, and other folding fun

Seems letter writing is dead -- not according to Letterfu. Letterfu.com contains several page templates that you can use to send a letter without using an envelope. The steps are easy:
  1. Find a design template you like
  2. Print it
  3. Write your letter (on the back)
  4. Fold per the printed guides
  5. Address
  6. Add a stamp
  7. Mail
If Letterfu intrigued you, then you might find one of these other paper folding sites of interest.
  • Paperfolding.com is all about origami, from the history to easy lessons to complex origami art.
  • A Paper Folding Project contains instructions for a single design from Paul Haeberli.
  • Folds.net has a collection of links (some broken) to folding instructions for various origami.
So give Letterfu and letter writing a try. Perhaps letter writing isn't quite dead, yet.


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