Amazon search tip

I recently discovered a very helpful search tip for Amazon. When I shop, I like to sort by price, low to high. What usually happens though is I then have to go through all the match but irrelevant items before I get to what I really want. What I learned is that if I use a minus (-) for the items I don't want to see, then I no longer have this issue. Here's an example:
  • Searched for "upconverting DVD players"
  • Sort by price: low to high
  • First thing I get is a bunch of cables
  • Change search to "upconverting DVD players -cables"
  • Sort by price: low to high
  • Now the first results are the low-end upconverting DVD players
You can also add multiple items to exclude. For example: "upconverting DVD players -cables -progressive".

BONUS Tip: Use this URL to find all Electronic items that are 85% or greater off of list price: Change 85 to any number to get the percentage you are looking for. Thanks to for this tip.


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