Tweak Windows without Regedit

I ran across a nice program that makes it very easy to tweak many Windows settings that normally could only be done by manually making changes to the Registry. TweakNow WinSecret is a free Windows XP and Vista application that has tweaks in 12 categories. The categories are as follows:
  1. Applications
  2. Control Panel
  3. Desktop
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Network & Internet
  6. OEM Info
  7. Special Folder
  8. Start Menu
  9. User Accounts
  10. Windows Core
  11. Windows Explorer
  12. Windows Startup
Here are just a few of the many tweaks you can make.
  • Enable or disable Desktop icons such as Internet Explorer and Printers and Faxes
  • Disable the Desktop Cleanup Wizard prompt from showing every 60 days
  • Move special folders such as the location of My Music or Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Change the menu display speed, i.e. length of pause before a menu expands
  • Hide submenus
  • Add context menu ites such as Copy to Folder and Move to Folder
  • Disable Startup programs
  • Add text to the message box that appears before log on
This is just a small list of many configuration and tweak options available with TweakNow WinSecret. If for no other reason, use it work the management of startup programs -- disabling those programs that are slowing your computer down.


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