TIME releases the Best Innovations of the Year

TIME has put together a great list of innovations for 2008. Here are just of few of the 50 that TIME lists.
  • #4, Hulu.com. The TV and movie site from NBC and Fox. A good site, but not worthy of making it to #4. In fact, I'm not sure it's even worthy of being on the list.
  • #9, the Internet in space. Though it can't operate the same way; it requires confirmation of each packet being sent from every router.
  • #20, Spore, the "Everything Game." A disappointment for many users, both in game play and in the DRM used.
  • #30, the Internet of things. Now your toaster and refrigerator can have their own social network.
  • #32, Facebook for Spies. So that spies (CIA, FBI, NSA, and others) are no longer left out.
  • #36, a new ping-pong server from German Dimitrij Ovtcharov -- yep, a ping-pong serve made the top 50.
  • #38, Instant replay for baseball.
You think I kid... these actually made the list. Intermixed with these innovations are some really valuable innovations too, such as:
  • #6, the Global Seed Vault. 4.5 million seed samples stored at -18 c -- this is something to be excited about. I saw a feature on 60 Minutes about this.
  • #34, Made in transit packaging. Designed so your fresh food can continue to grow as it is being transported -- now that's fresh.
  • #37, Smog eating cement. Currently being used in Segrate, Italy, it seems to reduce nitric oxides in the area by 60%.
Go to the TIME website to read about all 50 of their top innovations for 2008.


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