Firefox Doesn't Work on Vista

The new release of Firefox, version, which was released December 19th, still has problems running on Vista. The biggest problem is that it cannot be set as the default browser. It almost seems as if Microsoft purposefully changed things to make it more difficult for Firefox. According to W3Schools, Firefox had nearly a 30% market share in November, number two after IE 6's 50% share.


Anonymous said…
got the same problem. tried re installing but made it worse
Doug Caldwell said…
No problem making FireFox 2.0 my browser of choice. When I open Windows Vista and after the desktop appears I just click on the FireFox browser icon and it opens. I even have had both open at same time. I didn't have the same problem mentioned earlier. Now one of my third party software providers has said their desktop application will not work with Vista so I will have to use the on-line version for the time being.
Unknown said…
FireFox is behaving very poorly in Windows Vista Home Premium. I have an new HP Pavillion Slimline s7712n. Firefox installs smoothly but it will only allow me to surf to a few pages before it no longer can connect to the various websites. Pictures stop loading first and then neither pictures nor text will load. I have run Firefox as administrator with no change. I added Firefox to the allowed programs of windows firewall with no change. Hopefully more talented programmers have seen this problem and are helping to fix Firefox as we blog.
Ken said…
I have this problem as well. I have narrowed it down to vista not allowing Firefox or Opera to open anything other than a secure site, but I do not know how to fix it.

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