Santa Uses Science and Techhology to Deliver Presents to Millions of Homes

Most adults do not believe in Santa, because they do not understand how he can deliver presents to so many homes, all in one night. That's because most of us are not as smart as Santa and Dr. Larry Silverberg of North Carolina State University. Mick Kulikowski released an article earlier in the month, after speaking with Dr. Silverberg, that attempts to explain the science and technology behind Santa Claus' travels to the layman.
"...Santa has a personal pipeline to children’s thoughts – via a listening antenna that combines technologies currently used in cell phones and EKGs..."

Santa uses this information on his sleigh, so that he has up-to-the-minute information just before he builds a present for a child. Yes, Santa uses just-in-time manufacturing with nanotechnology to build the toys once he is in the home of each and every child. Of course that does not explain how Santa Claus can complete this all in a single night.

That fact is, Santa's knowledge of the space/time continuum and the theory of relativity is behind this trick. Santa is able to take months of his own time and hit every home in just hours. Just hours? NORAD has been tracking Santa each year now for more than 50 years, and Santa has successfully delivered gifts all around the world, all on Christmas Eve.

If you want to read and hear more about all the science and technology behind Santa's successful deliveries he makes each and every year, Dr. Silverberg has provided a more detailed Science of Santa on the North Carolina State University website.

Merry Christmas


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