Read Your WebMail with Thunderbird

The popular, safer alternative to the Outlook Express mail client Thunderbird, from the Mozilla folks, can be used for more than just POP3 / SMTP mail. If you did not know, Google provides POP3 access access, but all the other popular WebMail platforms do not. Lucky for us, Mozilla has developed Extensions to support the other popular WebMail formats from Yahoo to HotMail to AIM/AOL.

Mozilla has made it fairly easy to setup too. First, you download their base WebMail Extension, and then individual Extensions for only the services you have. After the Extensions are installed, you have a new option, WebMail, in the Add Account interface, which takes you through a Wizard to configure. That's it!.

I setup and tested both Yahoo and AIM/AOL. The only thing to watch for is that you enter your complete email address for the username (i.e. not yourname).

If you have not made the switch to Thunderbird yet, this is the time. In addition to the WebMail Extensions, you get a much safer environment (no Internet Explorer integration), and it doubles as an RSS reader.


Anonymous said…
I tried that, but it does not work with FIREFOX 2.0, i couldnt get it to work
Chris Todd said…
It shouldn't have anything to do with Firefox 2.0. Did you install the extensions into Thunderbird? Once installed, you need to configure it with your account info and it should work.
JMP said…
Yes it does.
The browser (firefox) handles the extension and is used to access the webmail page and then transmit the data to Thunderbird.

Firefox 2.0 does not like the WebMail extension

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