Language Bar keeps returning to Taskbar

I recently got a new laptop with Windows XP and I'm slowly getting it configured to all my preferences. One thing I noticed is that everytime I rebooted, the Language Bar would reappear in the Taskbar. No matter how many times I removed it, it would rear its ugly head again.

With a little research, I found out how to stop this nasty behavior. You need to un-register and re-register a DLL that controls the behavior. Specifically, here's what you do:
  1. Go to Start and click Run...
  2. Enter"Regsvr32.exe /u msimtf.dll" and click OK
  3. Go to Start and click Run...
  4. Enter "Regsvr32.exe msimtf.dll" and click OK
Next time you reboot, it wont show up.


Anonymous said…
Quick thing. The instructions you have here have you unregistering the DLL twice. I'm assuming on the second go you'll want to remove the /u from the command.

Thanks for the help. That language bar was bugging me.
:-) said…
F'n Brilliant!!!!
thanks sooo much

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