Microsoft Ad Campaign, Episode 2

Microsoft has released their 2nd ad, from their infamous ad campaign to combat Apple. At 4 1/2 minutes, it's certainly different than what we're accustom to from a commercial.

I don't think there are as many buried messages as the first ad; the big message here is Microsoft connects people.
  1. "Bill, have you had scallop potatoes before?" confirms a feeling many have about Bill: he's different, therefore he has not experienced the typical American family dinner.
  2. "Do we have any more ketchup" and "Nobody told me we were eating" are lines that tries to re-enforce that this is an average family and Microsoft (through Bill and Jerry) are trying to better understand ("re-connect with real people") what it's like to be an average family.
  3. "Didn't we have this yesterday?" Bill implies that with Microsoft, you don't have to have the same thing every day.
  4. Bill reads a technical story; Microsoft knows technology
  5. "Jerry, I've got $1800..." and "Jer, I've got these Greek coins..." - Microsoft provides software to manage money, but does not tell you how to manage it.
  6. "Wow, when's this coming out?" shows that Microsoft does research into new software (games), too.
  7. "Chinese delivery" is the last straw for Bill and Jerry, they cannot live like an average family. Oh, and they don't carry any cash.
  8. Bill and Jerry are setup as to have taken the leather giraffe; Microsoft setup to look worse than they are. Hmm. This one, I think Microsoft has done to themselves. In the commercial they overstayed their welcome; in the real world they pushed their business practices over the edge. Of course not the message Microsoft wanted to deliver here, but that's what I take from it.
  9. "Bill, you've connected over a billion people..." Bill gives Jerry a sign that something else is in the works.
Overall, I liked the first ad much more, but to spend the money to run a 4 1/2 minute ad, Microsoft must think this 2nd ad is an important piece to their message.


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