New browser from Google

Live blog from CNet Webware

Today at 11 am PST, Google will announce a new browser from the search giant, Chrome. Chrome promises to start off on the right foot with many great features.
  • Sandboxing: kill one tab while the rest of the browser tabs continue running
  • Blacklists: one for phishing and one for malware, both maintained by Google
  • Plug-ins: dedicated processes
  • Faster Javascript: designed for speed and important enough to be built by its own Google team
  • Multiprocessing: separate process for each task
  • Tabs: placed at the top of the window, giving each tab its own URL (Omnibox) box
Google has published a comic book to cover all the features.

It will be interesting to watch the responses from the current browser incumbents Microsoft (IE), Mozilla (Firefox), Apple (Safari), and Opera Software (Opera). For example, Google is signed up to be Firefox's biggest contributor through 2011, with $56 million of $66 million coming from Google in 2006.

As they say in the tech industry, only time will tell.


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